Hand shadows art (Shadowgraphy)

    Shadowgraphy or ombromanie is the art of performing a story or show using images made by hand shadows. It can be called "cinema in silhouette". Performers are titled as a shadowgraphist or shadowgrapher. The art has declined since the late 19th century when electricity became available to homes because light bulbs and electric lamps do not give off good shadows and because cinema and television were becoming a new form of entertainment. Shadows are greatly defined by candlelight; therefore hand shadows were common in earlier centuries (source: Wikipedia).

Shadow hand (puzzle game)

    "A forest of pines lies at the edge of a large mountain. The trees stretch from the middle of the slope down to its base. The shadows of these giants stretch out under the moonlight. The moonbeams filter through the thin canopy above, lighting up the undergrowth with a skeletal light that makes the scene almost eerie. "

    Challenge your mind with puzzles that are based on optical illusions. Find the perfect position and angle by rotating the hands until order is restored, and discover a story of protagonist Morgan with professional voicing. Hand shadow puzzle is inspired by Play with Me: Escape room, Shadowmatic and illusions. The game is designed for Windows/Linux/Mac and Android. Airem is a one person studio. "Hand shadow puzzle" are my second project released, first was Play with Me: Escape room (illusions).

    Hand shadows on wall

    Hand shadows animals (wolf) Hand shadows puppets


    • The game includes a system of hints. To enjoy the game to its fullest.
    • Over 30 puzzle levels based on optical illusions
    • Find hidden shadows (secondary objectives)!
    • Voicing by professional voice actor (click for sample, You will be surprised!)
    • Easy to Play. Hard to Master
    • Inspired by Chinese shadow puppetry
    • 3D parallax view
    • Unique graphics
    • Simple and mechanical control for relaxed gaming.
    • Professional story reminiscent of dark fairy tales.
    • Illusions
    • Nonlinear level progression
    • Translated into 29 languages
    • The game is designed for iOS, tvOS and Android devices.
    • Again one-person studio, no publisher, no big companies just Me and You just like old times :P
    • Steam Clouds, achievements
    • Mouse or full controller support
    • Always support Windows (32/64 bit), Mac (64 bit) & Linux (32/64 bit)
    • Available on Itch.io, Steam and Google Play.

Hand Shadow Puppetry

    The Hand Shadow Puppetry ClipArt gallery offers 15 examples of animals such as a butterfly, dog, donkey, or elephant represented in shadow by one or two human hands. Hand shadow animals & shadow puppets one hand:

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    Airem is one-person studio. Follow Me and prepare for more fresh and unique games! Always support Windows/Linux/Mac. Thanks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) !. You can contact with me: info@airem.pl.

    https://discord.gg/Airem (type !lopez)

    Download press-kit: presskit.zip